COVID19 and TTc

As you may be aware, many insurance companies around the world are restricting or removing cover for COVID19.

At Talent Trust we are taking a different approach.

We are committed to standing in this gap, and to ensuring our members are well served at this critical time. We are providing extra resources to ensure you have the best tools available to deal with difficult situations now and in the future.

  • All long-term members have access to vHealth, free video conferencing with a doctor services.
  • All long-term members have access to WorldAware's alerting services to keep up to date with the latest verified information in your area.
  • All members have access to our Member Assistance Program (MAP) for free counseling support in mental health areas, family issues, etc. – including situations like homeschooling support.
  • All long-term members have access to myStrength, an interactive personalized app that helps address depression, anxiety, stress and more:
    • Personalized daily activities to support your mental health
    • Inspiration and encouragement from our community of users
    • Progress check-ins and wellness assessments to see how you're doing
    • Advice from leading clinicians to help improve your emotional health
  • In addition we are extending support to those who have been affected by travel disruptions and are not where they had hoped to be.

Aetna has also recorded a webinar that may help you better cope with COVID19 challenges you are facing.

During this crisis we are working hard to provide the excellent support you expect from TTc. We hired 3 additional people in the past year to increase our capacity to serve, so we are well-positioned. However, because we are working remotely and our volumes have increased due to COVID19, there may be slight delays at times.

As always, please let us know how we are doing. If there is any situation that is not satisfactory, please let me know.




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