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Filing a claim form To submit a pre-paid claim, please follow the instructions below. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in a delay in the processing of your claim:
  1. Please complete all relevant sections of the appropriate claim form. If you are unsure of which claims form you need please email info@talent-trust.com

  2. Please scan all documents pertaining to your claim (e.g., prescriptions, medical reports, receipts with breakdown of services, invoices or other proof of payment). Please use either the JPG or PDF file formats for saving your files, please scan images at a resolution of 150 DPI (Dots Per Inch), and save on a lower quality setting, the software you are using may have an option for "Save for Web." This would also be an appropriate option to use. Why? If you need assistance scanning your documents please email help@talent-trust.com.

  3. Submit your claim via email by clicking here. Please send a single claim per email. Please put Member name and Member ID in the subject line of your email. A separate claim form and all supporting documentation (as a set) must be submitted for each Medical Condition and/or Claimant. Please Do Not Send one claim in part over different emails, this will slow down the processing of your claim.

Should you have any problems with your submission, please contact us at help@talent-trust.com and our IT team will be happy to assist you.

Note: Claims are generally reimbursed within 15 working days. However, problems may arise as a result of the following:

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Pre-Authorisation: We require members to obtain prior approval (pre-authorisation) from us at least 5 working days, when possible, before commencing the following treatments or procedures:

  • Planned in-patient or day-patient treatment (hospitalisation) and out-patient treatment exceeding US$1,000.
  • Any pregnancy or childbirth treatment.
  • Planned surgery.
  • Evacuation.
  • Second medical opinions.
  • Psychiatric treatment, in-patient, day-patient and out-patient.
  • Home nursing charges.
  • Planned MRI and CT scans.

Evacuations are supervised by your medical practitioner or specialist at the place of incident and by our Medical Helpline and must be agreed by us before the evacuation takes place.

For all pre-authorisation, please contact the AETNA claims office in the same region as you as listed below. Please ensure you have your Member ID/Cert. No. at hand prior to calling, as this will be required to verify your cover.

Europe & Africa
Tel:     +44 870 429 6439
EMail: AIMedicalTeamEurope@aetna.com

Asia Pacific
Tel:     +852 3071 5022
EMail: AIMedicalTeamHongKong@aetna.com

Middle-East & India
Tel:     +971 4 324 0040
EMail: AIMedicalTeamMiddleEast@aetna.com

Tel:     +1 877 248 2197
EMail: AetnaCaseManagementAmericas@aetna.com

Canada, Central & South America
Tel:     +1 877 248 2197
EMail: AetnaInternationalAmericasPrecert@aetna.com
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