The importance of fitness and well-being for missionaries

When you're responsible for helping other people improve their lives, it can be easy to lose sight of your own well-being. Sacrificing creature comforts in remote locations. Being on the go without a regular schedule or fitness routine. Prioritizing others and getting work done over caring for your own health. These are common pitfalls of the missionary experience that can actually make it harder for you to meet your personal and ministry goals.

Most of us, when we think about exercise, consider it a way to improve our physical fitness, look better and help prevent conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. That is true and indeed good. In addition, a growing body of evidence points to physical exercise having beneficial effects on mental health, cognitive abilities, work performance and an overall sense of greater well-being.

For instance, one UK study found that on days that people exercised, 72% reported being more efficient with their time management; 79% had improved cognitive skills; and 74% managed their workloads better. Many study participants even reported smoother interactions with colleagues and increased job satisfaction.

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The bottom line is that there's increasing evidence to suggest that physical exercise contributes to both your physical and mental well-being, now and in your future. But with the pressures of your ministry, family and other responsibilities; how can you find the time or place to exercise?

We've put together some workout tips to help you incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Whether you're restricted to a small space or on the move, it's easier than you might think to get your heart pumping and feel the positive physical and mental benefits of exercise. Here are some simple ways to improve fitness no matter where you are.

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