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TTc - May 2018 Update

As many of you are aware from November 2016 through January 2018 TTc members had access to the Doctor Care Anywhere service, which allowed our members to call and video conference with UK based doctors for free on a 24/7 basis. This was a wonderful service, and many of you wrote to me to let me know that you appreciated it and that you were sad to see it go.

I am happy to report that the replacement for this service called V-Health will be starting in June 2018. This will be a very similar service with the added advantages of additional languages supported and the possibility of longer consultation times.

Over the next few days you should be receiving communications about this service with details of how to sign up. As before the service is built into your insurance policy, and is free to access and free to use as many times as you need once you have registered. Using the service will not affect your No Claims Bonus. I would encourage you to register straight away so that you will have quick access should the need arise.

Blessings, Nathan Lyon
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