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TTc - February 2017 Newsletter

As many of you are aware my dad Michael who started TTc had a heart attack last year.  I did a write up on this a couple of months after the fact, which you can read here, and I recently met a few members while travelling who were asking for an update on my dad, so I have written this update if you would like to read it.

This was a good reminder to me how important it is to stay healthy, from simple things like moving around and not staying at my desk for hours on end to eating healthy and exercising.  Aetna has also made being healthy even easier for us in 2017 with Doctor Care Anywhere.  We want you to think of this as your personal doctor service, available to you 24 hours a day, confidential and completely free.

Please sign up to this service, and if you have the need use it.  As I have mentioned before, this is a highly valuable service that we have been given free of charge so that Aetna can pilot how successful it is on us.  I am hopeful that if we can demonstrate that this is a useful service that we can provide a case for continuing with it once the pilot if finished.

  Over 30% of our members have activated the service so far, we have had wonderful feedback, here's what they are saying:
  • "The doctor was warm and caring, easily accessible and knowledgeable. Plus the service was free!"
  • "Talent Trust has been good to us. And the Doctor Care Anywhere is useful because we live in a remote part of Central Asia where there is not good health care."
  • "Loved how it saved time."
  • "It is an excellent service and it really helped to have a doctor to talk to who is a native English speaker. The doctor I spoke with was very attentive, caring and really made me feel as if I was in the room with her."
  • "I was impressed with how I was able to get an appointment so quickly, and the follow-up document that I received. It summarized our discussion and gave me further web resources to investigate."
If you haven't activated your Doctor Care Anywhere service please do soon, it is this easy:
  • Click on this this link
  • Complete the sign up process
  • Enter your voucher code which is your 16 digit TTc certificate number (we've dropped the last 2 digits off the voucher code for example TTc-AN0-91-00005)
  • Add or invite your dependents to sign up
  • Download the app and you are ready to go!
    Doctor Care Anywhere by Aetna from the Apple and Android store where you can make appointments, complete consults or set a medication reminder.

Blessings, Nathan Lyon
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